Claim Handling

We all hope that claims will not occur but when they do you want to know it will be dealt with promptly and with as little disruption to you or your business as possible. We understand that making a claim can seem at times like an ordeal with one barrier after another having to be overcome. This can be extremely time consuming, costly and trying to understand policy wordings and insurance terminology very frustrating.

That’s why at IBA Insurance Services Ltd we handle all claims on behalf of our clients, in order to provide a speedy, efficient and courteous service, as well as providing on going help and advice during the claims process. All our team have vast experience of handling claims and we pride ourselves in treating our customers in the same manner as we ourselves would expect to be treated.

Each claim is unique which means the claims handling process varies depending on the type of claim, the size of claim and even the insurer involved.

This service is part of your insurance policy with us and so there is no additional cost for our expertise and handling of the claim. We will be happy to assist you from the first stage of claim notification all the way through to settlement of your claim.

We never forget that who we insure remains just as important as what we insure and we always try to deliver a superior claims service.